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Contributory Health Scheme

Urban Poor Health Scheme, Health Department, Pune Municipal Corporation

Citizens living in jurisdiction of Pune Municipal Corporation, who are willing to take membership of Urban Poor scheme are supposed to fill the Urban Poor Health Scheme form from Health Department, PMC and submit the attested xerox copy of one document out of following three documents :-

  1. For current financial year, Income Certificate up to 1 lacks from Tahsildar Office OR Xerox copy of Below Poverty Line, Yellow Ration Card OR Citizens living in slum area having slum rehabilitation department, PMC- service tax receipt
  2. Along with above mentioned one document out of three, following documents are also mandatory:-
    1. Xerox copy of Ration Card.
    2. Xerox copies of Birth Certificate of members children.
    3. Family members combined photograph(visiting card size)-2 copies

For one financial year, total amount of Rs 200/- (Rs. 100/- as Registration fee and Rs. 100/-as annual subscription ) is to be deposited as membership registration fee. After submitting all above mentioned required documents and depositing membership fees , Urban Poor Scheme Card gets handed over to concern citizen at PMC main building, 3rd floor room no. 333 ,Shivaji Nagar. If member lost his original card for the running financial year, duplicate card is issued to the member after depositing Rs 100/- .

Urban Poor card is valid for one financial year. Every Financial Year, citizens have to renew the membership .Members do not get benefits of Urban Poor Health Scheme, on previous years membership.

Urban Poor Health Scheme Card covers the following family me Ambers:-

  1. Members wife/husband
  2. Mother and Father of member
  3. Only first two children of member age less than 25 years.

But,if the third child of the member is borned before 01/01/2005 , then his/her name gets enrolled in the Urban Poor Card. If any one got married before 25 years of his/her age, then his/her name gets canceled from Urban Poor Card. Citizens of Pune who could get the benefit from any other Government , Semi government /Health Insurance Company, can not get enrolled under Urban Poor Health Scheme of PMC Health Department.

Members of this Scheme, are supposed to take IPD health treatment from private hospitals which are enrolled on the panel of PMC Health Department. For IPD treatment in General Ward , 50% letter is issued from PMC health department, in the name of concern paneled private hospital, at PMC main building,3rd floor, Room no.340, Shivaji Nagar, and it gets handed over to patient .At the time of IPD admission of the concern patient, he/she is supposed to submit the original copy of 50% letter to private hospital. Once the Private Hospital receives the 50% letter along with xerox copy of Urban Poor Card, hospital billing department, takes only 50% amount of total IPD final bill from the concern patient. Remaining 50% amount of total final bill ,is to be paid by PMC ,Health Department, to the hospital, for the concern patient.

For one financial year and for one family, residing in PMC area, maximum amount of Rs.1,oo,ooo/-(In words – One Lacks only) is fixed for IPD treatments in paneled private hospitals. For health treatments exceeding the maximum limit of 1 lacks, concern patient is supposed to pay the exceeded amount to the concern private hospital.

Urban Poor Health Scheme, is applicable to only General Ward. Patients getting admitted in semi -private ,private or deluxe room can not get benefit of this scheme. Health services in paneled private hospitals are provided only as per C.G.H.S. rate schedule.

The members /patients of this scheme gets necessary treatment and required medicines totally free of cost from the Pune Municipal Corporation Dispensary. Name of the PMC dispensary , is written on Urban Poor Card.