JLL City Momentum Index 2017

JLL City Momentum Index 2017

The World's Most Dynamic Cities

Pune In Top 3 In India

13th in World


The City Momentum Index covers 134 major cities worldwide from America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Global Top 30

1 Bangalore 11 Dubai 21 San Francisco
2 Ho Chi Minh City 12 Melbourne 22 Shenzhen
3 Silicon Valley 13 Pune 23 Delhi
4 Shanghai 14 New York 24 Raleigh-Durham
5 Hyderabad 15 Beijing 25 Mumbai
6 London 16 Sydney 26 Hangzhou
7 Austin 17 Chennai 27 Los Angeles
8 Hanoi 18 Paris 28 Dublin
9 Boston 19 Manila 29 Nanjing
10 Nairobi 20 Seattle 30 Stockholm1


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What is JLL’s City Momentum Index ?

• The City Momentum Index is JLL’s proprietary index designed to identify the world’s most dynamic cities

• It combines a broad range of real estate and socio-economic factors to evaluate short-term and longer-term city momentum

• The Index captures the signals of change that are likely to underpin future city success


How is the City Momentum Index Constructed ?

42 variables are combined to assess short-term and longer-term city momentum Source: JLL, January 2017

City Momentum Index

Short-Term Momentum

Socio-Economic Momentum

Economic Output, Retail Sales, Population, Air Connectivity, Corporate HQs, Foreign Direct Investment

Commercial Real Estate Momentum

Construction, Absorption, Price Offices, Retail, Hotels Investment Transactions Transparency

Long-Term Momentum

Higher Education Infrastructure, Innovation Capability, International Patent, Applications, Technology / Venture Capital, Environmental Quality


Ten Takeaways from JLL’s City Momentum Index 2017

1. The ascendancy of India’s cities

2. The rise of agile high-value ‘Emerging World Cities’

3. Dynamic city clusters coalescing in China

4. Vietnamese cities emerge as hotspots for FDI

5. Australia’s Tier I cities outperform

6. London’s continued resilience, despite Brexit vote

7. Northern European Cities have attributes for longer-term success

8. Technology and innovation underscore momentum

9. Strong momentum creates environmental challenges

10. Affordability & supply constraints compromise momentum


City Momentum - Five Trends to Watch

1. Cities becoming more powerful and influential

2. City mayors / governors expanding their roles

3. Technology having deep impacts on city dynamics

4. Cities taking the lead in tackling environmental concerns

5. Political upheavals threatening globally connected cities



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