Building Completion Certificate

A building completion certificate is a legal document awarded by the Building Development Department of the Pune Municipal Corporation, certifying that the new building has been constructed and completed, conforming to all the prescribed safety norms and regulations under the Buildings Act. Once the project is successfully completed, the local authorities inspect the premises on the basis of the original building plan submitted and award the completion certificate subject to satisfactory scrutiny.

Documents required to get a completion certificate

  • Duly filled application form
  • Building Completion certificate from a Licensed Architect/Engineer
  • Structural Engineer’s letter
  • NOC from the Property Tax department
  • Completion Affidavit
  • NOC from the Garden Department
  • NOC from the Fire Department (if required)
  • NOC for elevator operation (if required)
  • NOC from the Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board (if required)
  • Part Completion Affidavit (Wherever applicable)
  • Solar system installation documents ( If applicable)
  • Sewage treatment (STP) NOC (if required)
  • Vermi composting NOC

Note: Documents may vary as per Proposal and case type.

Disclaimer - For legal and accurate definition kindly refer the development control rule book.

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