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PMC CARE initiative

What is PMC CARE?

PMC CARE is a 360-degree framework by PMC to extend various delivery channels to its citizens for effective and responsive governance.

CARE stands for Citizen Assistance Response and Engagement. A digitally driven, citizen- centric initiative, PMC CARE has been conceived keeping various segments of civic society in mind.

PMC CARE aims at providing multi-channel single window delivery mechanism to provide assistance and response in more efficient way than ever before. And will all of this, PMC CARE aims to bring city administration one step closer to Punekars!

The Need for PMC CARE

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has always been a forward-thinking civic body. PMC wants to enrich the life of each Punekar by enhancing quality of service delivery. PMC realized that addressing grievances is not enough for providing responsive governance. Assistance, Response and Engagement are the three key pillars of our CARE framework to bring civic administration one step closer to Punekars.

Being one of India’s biggest IT cities, Pune is home to world leading IT companies. Keeping in mind the needs of citizens, PMC proposes to embrace technology to harness the power of digital channels in addition to existing ones. PMC CARE aims to provide multiple channels for all segments of citizens in Pune. PMC CARE also acts as a 360-degree framework where the primary focus is citizen satisfaction on every aspect of service delivery of civic administration. PMC CARE also aims to capture citizens’ feedback to improve service delivery continuously.

Citizen (C)

Citizens are at the core of our CARE framework. Punekars have always been proactive citizens. And now, they can avail multiple services on the go, provide feedback over a call or via the web, or use social media platforms through mobile phones to report issues. Citizens’ collaboration and engagement would be the key to success for responsive governance. For digitally savvy citizens social media channels are available while for others SMS facility and call center number is present. With PMC CARE, PMC aims to cater to every citizen across several socio-economic sections.

Assistance (A)

Looking for assistance? Try the FAQs under PMC CARE. PMC has tried to capture all its processes and information related to civic administration under FAQs. FAQs are an innovative way of dissemination of information under Right of Information Act, 2015. FAQs are available to citizens 24*7 over the web and mobile for immediate response round the clock. If a citizens are not satisfied with the FAQs, PMC urges them to help the concerned team to improve the FAQs by providing constructive feedback.

Response (R)

Beyond FAQ assistance, various channels are available to citizens under the PMC CARE framework. Facilities such as a call centre and SMS number are available for citizens to communicate with PMC. For digitally native citizens, PMC CARE has a full-fledged social media presence through an app, Facebook page, Twitter handle, Google Plus handle and even a Whatsapp number. So, now PMC is just a call or few clicks away!

Engagement (E)

PMC CARE is a step towards empowering every Punekar. Often, citizens have good ideas and suggestions which can help PMC in the development of the city. The framework of PMC CARE has an in-built feedback mechanism through which citizens’ concerns and suggestions can be better un-erstood. Accordingly, even the facilities under Assistance and Response can be tweaked to suit citizens’ needs.


Various Touchpoints under PMC Care

  • Toll Free No: 1800 1030 222

  • WhatsApp / SMS: 9689900002

  • Facebook & Google +: /pmcfmc

  • Twitter: @pmcpune

  • Mobile App: Play Store and App Store/PuneConnect

  • Website:

  • Email: feedback [at] punecorporation [dot] org

Various Channels as part of PMC CARE initiative:

Call Centre: Toll Free No: 1800 1030 222

Mobile App: PuneConnect

Since the advent of smartphones, apps were the way to the future. Be it Android or iOS, both have millions of apps catering to a wide variety of needs. As more and more of Pune’s citizens use smartphones, it becomes imperative to have a mobile app for PMC CARE. PMC CARE’s app is known as "PuneConnect".

Through this unique app, you can avail of a host of services from PMC. The app also has the facility to notify citizens based on geographic division, about important things such as water cuts, traffic updates and more. Information about ward offices, details about officer, their contact numbers, etc. are also available via PuneConnect. The power of the ordinary citizen has never before been so extraordinary.

PMC aims to integrate all its services on to the PuneConnect mobile app in the future. More services will also get integrated with the PuneConnect app.

  • Services & Functions

  1. Grievance Registering

  2. Property Tax Payment

  3. Water Bill Payment

  4. Weather Reports

  5. Contacts Directory

  6. Tender Information

  • Emergency Contacts

  1. Police

  2. Blood Bank

  3. Fire Brigade

  4. Ambulance

  5. Heart Brigade

  6. Hospitals

  • Feedback System

  1. Systematic Feedback

  2. Personalized Suggestions

  3. Dedicated Feedback Team

  • Website: Email:feedback [at] punecorporation [dot] org

  • For any major initiative it is imperative to have a fully-functioning website. The PMC CARE website details all the service and facilities that are available to all citizens. A central repository to register citizens’ grievances, suggest constructive feedback and monitor the progress of the resolution of complaints; one can do all this and more.

  • Social Media:

  • Facebook & Google+: /pmcfmc Twitter: @pmcpune

  • Yes, PMC CARE is on social media too! Citizens can now share their grievances, feedback and suggestions through social media channels too. Social media has become an inseparable part of modern day citizens’ lives. From communication to content sharing to even news, social media has taken central stage today. Be it Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, PMC CARE is active on all these channels. Constant monitoring helps the team keep check of citizens’ concerns and provide faster resolutions.

  • SMS & WhatsApp: +91- 9689900002

  • Some citizens prefer to text instead of calling and speaking. PMC CARE realizes this and that is why there is a facility of posting your complaints, queries and feedback via SMS and WhatsApp too. It’s quick, convenient and effortless. Besides, the call centre has certain operating hours whereas SMS and Whats App can be sent at any time of the day, to be monitored at an appropriate time later.

  • Feedback Management Cell

  • When PMC CARE was first thought of, a core committee decided that this initiative was a new one for the city, the PMC and also the citizens. It deserved special attention and a dedicated team. We formed a Feedback Management Cell as the perfect co-ordination point between various citizen touchpoints and PMC. Comprising of experienced team members, the cell constantly monitors all PMC CARE touchpoints. Keeping records, raising tickets, helping citizens get faster resolution to problems, suggesting citizens’ feedback to concerned authorities are a part of this team’s core activities.