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Vector Borne Disease Control

Vector Borne Disease Control Department - 

Insect Control Department -

  1. Insect Section
  2. Malaria Section
  3. On Payment Section

Services provided by the Insect Section - 

  1. House to house visit for eradication of mosquito breeding places.
  2. Weekly larvicide program and fogging in and around dengue positive cases.
  3. Removal of water hyacinth from Mula and Mutha river.
  4. Channelization of nallas.
  5. Fulfillments of complaints about mosquitoes.

Services provided by the Malaria Section -

  1. Door to door visits for blood smear collection of fever cases and get examined in corporation lab.
  2. Radical treatment of malaria patients.
  3. Collection of information from all hospitals, labs, private practitioners, municipal labs and hospitals daily.

Services provided by the On-Paymentsection -

In accordance to the resolution passed by the standing committee no 489/date 10/07/2012, Rs. 250/-  is charged for 10”X 10”sq ft i.e. 100 sq.ft room for fogging requested received from citizens about bed bug and cockroach infestation. Complaints from public about rats are also solved by putting cages.

Measures taken regarding removal of water hyacinth by Insect Control Department, Pune Municipal Corporation.

  1. Water hyacinth is removed from the river beds by labours on every Saturday and help of machinery like Spider-Man and JCB is also taken.
  2. Spraying of insecticides is done to lessen the mosquito breeding in ponds and pits near the beds of river.
  3. Labours work for deweeding as well as spraying of insecticides nearby  the river beds.

List of awareness initiatives carried out - 

  1. Pamphlets
  2. Stickers and banners
  3. Messages
  4. Radio jingles
  5. Booklets
  6. Teachers and students meeting
  7. Stickers about VBD on PMPL buses
  8. Society chairman’s meetings
  9. Audio, video.
  10. NGO women’s health groups, self-help groups
  11. Rallies and public meetings
  12. IMA and other private practitioners’ meetings.


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Corona Virus preventive measures and guidelines

  1. Surveillance case definitions for human infection with novel coronavirus (nCoV).
  2. Laboratory testing for 2019 novel coronavirus
  3. Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection
  4. Infection prevention and control during health
  5. Risk communication and community engagement readiness