Vehicles for Solid Waste Management

Solid waste collection and transportation is carried out with the help of high end mechanical equipment, some examples are as follows :


Compactor :

Compactor is a truck chassis mounted, Rear end loading, Refuse compactor, capable of collecting garbage / organic waste, compacting  the same and transporting it to designated landfills/disposal site mounted on a suitable 16 ton GVW truck chassis the equipment has versatile capabilities and is effective and economical to operate for disposing organic waste which would include garden waste, market waste, domestic waste, commercial waste and others as generated in metropolitan cities and towns.

The compactor has the following main components:

  • A 14. container body
  • An ejector plate with a multistage, double acting hydraulic cylinder
  • A tail gate body with two members double acting cylinder to facilitate its opening and closing operations
  • A set of carrier and packer plates, each operated by a pair of hydraulic cylinder
  • A suitably rated, vehicles PTO driven, hydraulic pump unit

Solid waste collection and transportation is carried out with the help of compactor in accordance with the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and handling) Rule 2000. That the manual handling of waste should be prohibited and transporting of garbage should be covered.


Road Sweeper Machine :

The Road Sweeper Machine is an sweeper machine with a capacity of 6.5 Cub. Mtr. This machine can sweep about 40 to 50 km. of road in one shift of 8 Hrs. PMC owns one such machine. The sweeping area rate is 75,000 M2/ hrs. with sweeping width 3500 mm. It has an auxiliary Cummins Engine of 150 HP, 118kw of 2600 rpm. It has 4 sweeping brushes off with 3500 mm. Under Smart City drive PMC has plans to introduce in remaining 3 zones of Pune city and keep the city clean and hygienic.


Bulk Refuse carrier :
Bulk Refuse carrier is a garbage collecting and transporting vehicle build on a 2516 chassis of 25 MT GVW. The Maximum pay load that can be carried and transported with this type of vehicle is 10 to 12 MT. the volumetric capacity of this vehicle is 25 M3. The dry/wet garbage is collected from various ramps and transferred to the processing plants or land fill sites in Pune city. The garbage is unloaded at the site with the help of a tipping mechanism that is a hydraulic system with a hydraulic cylinder.


Dumper Placer :


Dumper Placer is a hydraulic structure mounted on 709/712 TATA chassis. This vehicle is used to Pick up container of 3.8 m3 filled with garbage. These metal containers are placed all over the city. The garbage is collected in these metal containers and transported to the nearest garbage transfer station with the help of this dumper placer.

PMC has 105 Dumper Placers which are used for different wards for garbage collection and transportation's.



Ghanta Gadi (Bell Truck) :


This is primary garbage collection & transportation vehicle with different capacities comprising mainly closed body structure with two compartments for dry & wet garbage. This segregated garbage is collected & transported the nearest transfer station or processing plants. This bell truck goes house to house in the city to collect segregated garbage. Around 300 such vehicles are owned by PMC with public address system mounted on the cabin.