Veterinary Section Activities

Government of India Authorized Quality Assurance Laboratory

Quality Assurance Laboratory has been established at Kondhwa Slaughter house. The Laboratory has been awarded ISO: 9001:2008 under Food Safety and Standard Act of India where testing facility of food, food products, water and sewerage water has been provided.

Quality Assurance Laboratory of Pune Municipal Corporation has become an authorized laboratory under Food Safety and Standard Act of India due to compliance of NABL Accreditation. Quality Assurance Laboratory of Pune Municipal Corporation is the first laboratory achieving NABL Accreditation in India amongst all Municipal Corporations.

The rates of testing for food, food products, water and sewerage water are similar to the rates of Government laboratory and they are approved by standing committee and General Body of Pune Municipal Corporation. The laboratory has been made available to the citizens of Pune city for testing of food, food products, water and sewerage water.

Government of India’s MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE (FOOD SAFETY AND STANDARDS AUTHORITY OF INDIA) has published Quality Assurance Laboratory of Pune Municipal Corporation as the notified laboratory in the Gazette of India dated 13thJuly, 2016. (NOTIFICATION SR.NO.24)

Services Provided to the Citizens

  • Kondhwa Quality Assurance Laboratory (Food/Water/Meat Product Testing)
  • Operation & Maintainance of Slaughter House
  • Fish & Meat Markets
  • Disposal Of Dead Animals
  • Shifting Of Cattle Sheds
  • Private Meat,Beef,Chicken and fish license


Kondhwa lab

  • Located in administrative Building Of the Slaughter House
  • Awarded ISO 9001:2008 &NABL
  • Testing Facility of Food, Water, Meat Products
  • PMC will be First Municipal Corporation to get NABL Accreditation for lab among all Municipal Corporation
  • Authorized lab as per FSSAI Act

Kondwa Slaughterhouse , Fish & Meat Markets

  • Kondwa Slaughterhouse
  • 14 Meat Markets & 5 Fish Markets
  • Rent Rs. 400 per month per Stall
  • Rent Rs. 700 per month for chafekar market
  • Total no. of Stall 343
  • Revenue Generation Rs. 51,25,819 lacs
  • Modernisation of Ganesh Peth Fish Market is in Progress

Shifting Of Cattle Sheds

  • Shifting of Cattle Sheds across the city to specified site at Mundhwa
  • Total No. of Cattle Sheds 547
  • No. of Cattle Sheds Shifted 84
  • No. of Cattle Sheds to be Shifted 463
  • Shifting of Cattle Sheds as per GB resolution 297 dated 16/09/1983

Disposal Of Dead Animals

  • Disposal of Dead Animals in carcass utilization Plant
  • Carcass utilization Plant closed due to agitation of villagers
  • Incineration Facility for disposal of dead animals along with all biological waste being privatized

The Powers and duties of its officers & employees

Health Department – Veterinary Section

Designation -


Veterinary Superintendent

a)Technical Section file

b) Govt. of India & Govt. of Maharashtra correspondence

c) Tender Case Files.

d) Operation and maintenance file

e) Right to Information

Veterinary officer

Anti-mortem and Post-mortem of Animal in Kondwa Slaughterhouse Meat and Fish markets, private License proposals.

Sanitary Inspector

Sanitation of markets,Slaughterhouse recovery of market rent & Action against License& Unauthorized.


collection of rent/ slaughterhouse fee &deposited intreasury, salarybill & all office day to day work.


Supervision on sanitation of meat markets and slaughterhouse,collection of rent/slaughterhouse.





Contact Us


Health Department Veterinary Section ,

3rd Floor ,Shivaginagar Pune.

Ph. No.02025501226, 02025501237

Please contact PMC Care for the same.

  • Toll Free No: 1800 1030 22
  • WhatsApp / SMS: 9689900002