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Joint community projects between Pune Municipal Corporation and Cummins

Zero Waste – This project started with PMC way back in 2012 at Katraj. Cummins volunteers spent months together for spreading awareness to segregate waste. A 5 Ton Bio Gas plant has been installed there for processing wet waste. As the segregation rates improved, the plant started to process more and more and today, electricity generated from this plant is used to power not only the street lights, but also a toy train there. Revenue generated from the toy train is used for further improvement of the ward. Cummins engineers also designed the push cart to be used for collection of waste.

Taking it to the next level, a zero waste ward project at Kothrud has been launched jointly by Hon. PMC Commissioner, Mr. Sourabh Rao and Cummins Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Rajiv Batra on 15th August 2018.




E-Waste -The fastest growing stream of waste in the country. Has toxic and hazardous impacts if not processes scientifically. In this project, teams from Cummins and PMC are working with authorized recyclers for ensuring Eco-friendly processing of E-Waste. Cummins volunteers spread awareness regarding e-waste pollution and need of recycle in schools, housing societies and collages in Pune city. Permanent centre for e-waste in Kothrud has recently started functioning and inaugurated jointly by Hon. PMC Commissioner, Mr. Sourabh Rao and Cummins Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Rajiv Batra on 15th August 2018.




Nirmalya – One of the oldest projects - every year, about 500 volunteers from Cummins are presentat the immersion ghats requesting citizens to donate nirmalya for composting and the idols to be diverted into the immersion tanks, thereby restricting pollution of water bodies. The project aims to spread awareness among citizens by reaching to housing societies, schools and colleges. Prior to the Ganesh Festival, many workshops are conducted for school children and employees for preparation of eco-friendly Ganesh Idols and decoration material.

The Nirmalya which is collected is composted in an organic manner and is then given free of cost to the farmers for improving their yield.

This year, in 2018, 350 tons ofNirmalya has been converted to organic compost and distributed to farmers in the hands of Mayor, Mrs. Mukta Tilak and Jt. Commissioner SWM, Mr. DnyaneshwarMolakalong with Cummins CSR Leader Mr. Ameet Lele on 4th December 2018. The farmers around the city have also been given the training on Organic Farming.






Plaster of Paris Project – Cummins engineers provided an innovative and eco-friendly solution of dissolving Plaster of Paris (PoP). Cummins worked closely with NCL and PMC to take it at house-hold level. Cummins has seen increased and continued success in this project. Since the past 2 years, about 100 tons of Ammonium Bi Carbonate is distributed among citizens of Pune to dissolve PoP idols at households itself.

PatravaliProject -Every year, Cummins works along with the temple trusts and PMC to reduce and restrict use of plastic and thermocol plates during the annual Pandharpurwari. This year, plastic plates were replaced by eco-friendly pates (patravali) by about 68 Lakhs.





Coach Them Young – A pan India project – spreading environmental awareness among school children on various Environmental issues. Till date 4.3 Million school children across India through this project.

In all the projects above, Cummins is proud to be closely associated with its NGO partners and social organizations who bring their expertise, reach and skills to make these projects impactful.

Our partner organizations –

Janwani, sWAch, Poornam Ecovision Foundation, The Academic Advisors, Reach, KalpataruPratishthan, iVolunteer, Go VidnyanSanshodhanSanstha, Thum Creative, Eco Exist Foundation and Inora.