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SWaCH – PMC Partnership

In  2005  a pilot  program  implemented  by  KagazKach  Patra Kashtakari Panchayat in collaboration with the Department of Adult Education, SNDT Women's University enabled 1500 waste pickers to become service providers for the door to door collection of waste from households in Pune city. This considerably improved their conditions of work and upgraded their livelihoods effectively bridging the gap between households and the municipal waste collection service. The pilot was operational since 2006 and SWaCH and SWaCH was formed in 2007.

In 2008 the PMC signed afive-year Agreement with SWaCH and renewed it in 2016 to decentralize door-to- door collection services for households, shops, offices and small commercial establishments. The members of the cooperative work in pairs and are in charge of door-to- door waste collection for 200-250 households. Waste pickers receive segregated waste (separated wet or organic waste and dry waste such as plastics, glass, paper, etc.} from house-holds /commercial establishments. They further segregate the recyclables to be sold in the re-cycling market; non-recyclable waste is dropped off at feeder points.

Currently, 2600 Waste pickers save PMC Rs. 15 crores per annum in waste handling costs alone. The model is energy efficient and environmentally beneficial, as SWaCH waste pickers re-cycle waste and reduce the quantity of waste sent to landfills. This reduces carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for global warming. SWaCH collects more than 600 tonnes of MSW per day, about 130 tonnes are sent for composting and 150tonnes are recycled.

E-waste collection and disposal

SWaCH has been authorized by the PMC to collect and channel e-waste (Authorization letter) according to the rules laid down by the government for dealing with hazardous waste (e-waste flier). Seemingly harmless batteries, mobile phones, chargers, etc. actually pose a grave danger to the environment and people when improperly disposed.  Collection bins can be set up in schools, campuses, offices, shopping malls, etc. Contact us to conduct an E - waste collection drive. Please note that you will have to pay for your own transportation costs, if you would like to have e - waste picked up directly.