Various Service Charges

                                                                                                            Service Charges

 Transfer Fee For Hut

The transfer fee for hut is as below :

Usage of Space Transfer fee (Rs.)
1 Residential 40000/-
2 Joint Use 60000/-
3 Non-Residential 60000/-

 Service Charges For Slum Dwellers 

Depending on carpet area, annual service charge of hut is as below:

Ownership Use of Land Area Per Sq.feet Annual Service charges Per Sq.feet rate per month for area more than 225 sq.feet
Government/Semi Residential 225 300 1.00

Government and

Private Land

  Joint 225 600 1.50
  Non Residential 225 900 2.00


Water Charges for Slum :

   Annual Water Charges of 365/- rupees per slum hut


Height Criteria For Hut :

   Height of a hut cannot be more than 14 Feet. If someone does it, it will be considered as unauthorized construction and will be removed as per provisions of Maharashtra Slum Eradication & Development Act 1971. (Amended Clause 3, Z-1. )