About City Census


Census has been conducted every ten years. This is a task of great national Importance and we meet our obligation with the utmost sincerity and devotion. For the benefit of the various common   schemes such as  Five Year Plans, Annual Plans requires information at the gross root level and all this information provided by  the census.

And city census office contribute this great cause by carrying out all the census activities effectively and efficiently in the PMC area.

About Us

City census office is temporary office created during census period. So all the employees required have been appointed form other department of PMC to city census office.

What We Do

We flow and strictly adhered the rules and regulation formulated by Centre & State Govt in carrying out census work efficiently in the PMC limit.

We conduct below mentioned Census Surveys in PMC limit.

  • Census of India which take place after every 10 years
  • Economic Census of India after every 5 Years
  • Social Economic & Caste Census 2011
  • We also enable UID Project in PMC limit from year 2011 onwards
  • Mother tongue survey on Central Govt’s Direction
  • We issue Population Certificate general public on their on the written demand
  • City census office act as a co-ordinator between Govt’s & all Charge office Pune Municipal Corporation for carrying out census work effectively & efficiently in PMC limit