Rajiv Gandhi Zoo


Animal Rescue Services


Rescuing a trapped Rat Snake

Pune Municipal Corporation’s Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (ARRC) have a dedicated 24 X 7 helpline service for wild animal rescue. This service was initially purposed to capture and rehabilitate snakes wandered in people’s premises. However, many a time it would receive distress calls to rescue injured and abandoned wild animals and birds, as there was no facility to treat such animals in vicinity. This center acts as a temporary treatment shelter for injured and orphaned wild animals.

Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre (ARRC) was set up in 1992 on a 2.5 acre plot adjacent to then ‘The Pune Snake Park’. Indian Herpetological Society (HIS) is managing Pune Municipal Corporation’s Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre (ARRC).

In 2007-08 the Rescue Center was merged under Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park & Wildlife Research Centre for administrative purpose. The 24 x 7 facility has basic infrastructure inclusive of surgical facilities, pre and post operative holding area, quarantine wards, electric fence enclosures, reptile enclosures (pits), primate enclosures, bird cages, and other enclosures suitably modified for specific animal requirements. Specially designed aviaries inclusive of isolation area, pre -release area and holding area have also been built.

Every enclosure is facilitated with temperature control devices for faster recovery of animals. Close circuit cameras are provided in certain enclosures for observing critically injured animals. Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Center (ARRC) provides specialized care for injured & orphaned wildlife. Our mission is to rehabilitate these wild animals back into nature. This wild presence gives us a greater sense of where we belong in the larger scheme of things. For many people it embodies a sense of freedom, a counterbalance to our busy urban existence. However, finding harmonious coexistence with wildlife is not always easy. Seabirds eat trash and become ill, marine turtles become entangled and get trapped in discarded fishing line and baby squirrels are orphaned by tree-cutting.

ARRC functions to rescue these sick, injured or orphaned animals and give them another chance at life. ARRC team provides rescue services in the field, sometimes treating wild patients at the site, but more often transporting them to ARRC where specialized care facilities are available.

Snakes or vagrant wild animals in residential areas are trans-located to safe locations. A Mobile Rescue Van equipped with necessary medical supplies to attend wildlife emergencies is endowed at ARRC. This is in addition to its role as an ambulance facilitating the movement of animals to the centre or back to the wild. While most animals brought to ARRC are temporarily displaced, a number of them require long-term acclimatization for rehabilitation, or even lifetime care. The latter includes young individuals which are hand-raised at ARRC and proposed to be relocated to a suitable location for acclimatization and subsequent release in the wild.

Some animals with permanent damage, making them unable to survive in wild or confiscated illegal consignments of non native animals and birds may remain permanently at the center. Some of these may play a vital role in Ex-situ breeding programs. Today, ARRC is among the best wildlife rehabilitation facilities in India.


A rare Mouse Deer admitted in Rescue Center for Treatment A chinkara baby under post operative care. This chinkara broke its leg in road accident, after operation the leg was fixed again.


Temperature Control Facility in ARRC

A specially designed Incubator for feeding bird chicks. This equipment has been developed by ARRC. Feeding the Chicks in Incubator with the help of Hand Puppet.