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Call Center

Call Center Toll Free Number: 18001030222 (7 AM – 11 PM)

Call center is one of the channels through which citizen may register their grievance and help in the making of Smart Pune. Call center serves as a platform catering to following stakeholders:




New Approach Channel- This is one of the channels besides Facebook, SMS, Email, Twitter, Lokshahi, Z+ where citizen may get information and also log their complaints

New Delivery Channel – Complaints registered through call center in the complaint portal will be assigned to concerned officers. Officer has to address the issue in a given time frame and citizen is updated on the complaint closure


New Engagement Platform – Call center serves as a new platform for citizen engagement.


Toll Free Number – Citizen just needs to call a toll free number and an agent will assist them throughout.

Feedback Collection and Analysis – Each complaint closed precedes a citizen feedback on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the lowest. All the complaints getting a below average rating is followed up with the specific departments to improve and provide quality services to citizen.


Education, Sensitization Campaign – call center is also used for information dissemination, awareness and education.


Technical and non-Technical Voice Support - Citizen may call for an informational support as well.

Automation at Ward Office/ Zone Office – Officers are provided with the application login where they can see their complaints, resolve them, forward then and close them.


Updates, Notification, Polls – citizens can be provided with updates and notifications on their complaint status. Notifications and SMS are when complaint gets closed.



This system is all about providing an easier way for to communicate citizens with PMC and register their complaints and issues with PMC in a smart and simple manner. A citizen should be able to raise his query in a more easier way from anywhere in this world via internet and web portal .The citizen are able to track there complain right from the day the complaint is raised till it is completed. This minimizes the citizen's effort and increases transparency with every step. This system also updates the citizen and responsible government employee via email and sms notification.