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Capacity building


Capacity building is one of the initiative taken under Change Management Process. As new IT initiatives are being implemented, readiness in the people to take those changes is of utmost importance. Capacity Building process helps managing the people aspect by preparing them for changes, managing the change and reinforcing the changes. The process is carried out by building an Institutional Arrangement for CB initiatives:-

  • Appointment of change management and capacity building consultants

  • Appointment of internal capacity building team at PMC level

  • Appointment of Capacity building agents /trainers amongst IT Spocs and IT Nodal officers at Department level

  • Developing teams amongst the Corporators for change management and capacity building amongst the citizens as stakeholders

  • Developing a training lab

  • Training plan

Smart governance @PMC entails taking up new roles and developing new skills by the employees. Driving training and development activities is a major part of implementation of Smart Governance.

Training Plan

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is moving toward smart city concept and looking forward to improve its service delivery channel to Punekars. On this context, PMC is planning to adopt multi-channel service delivery method i.e. providing services through Citizen Facilitation center (CFC), Websites and Portals, and Mobile applications.

These web portal and mobile applications will ensure that citizen services are available via internet (web portals) as well as mobile technologies using devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. This approach will bypass the need for traditional physical networks for communications and collaboration. By rolling out various web portals and mobile applications, PMC would like to increase the transparency and efficiency in service delivery to citizens.

Training and assessment module will be have majorly User management module, online training Content module and reports and dashboard module. PMC employees can take online training through the application and offline trainings can be scheduled through the application. Application would let the user pull out reports for candidates who have taken the training, their report card and scores.

Training plan based on the objectives

  • Awareness and sensitization about e-governance concept and Smart Governance initiative @PMC

  • Knowledge development- Various technologies involved in Smart Governance, best practices in e-governance

  • Skill development- IT skills for Smart Governance

  • Reinforcement- Updating of knowledge and skills

Training methodologies

  • Class room training – awareness creation /sensitization

  • Lab based training – knowledge and skill development

  • e-learns – reinforcements and development certifications

  • Outbound training – change management , culture development , training the trainers