Building plan approval is the process a builder needs to follow to procure the requisite permissions for the construction of buildings governed by the building laws and regulations. As per the relevant provisions of the State Municipality Acts, any person, prior to a desired construction activity, is required to obtain proper advance sanctions from the relevant local bodies. The building plan approval process has been envisaged to facilitate the approvals of building plans in an efficient & quick manner. This is achieved by PMC through proper automation of the technical scrutiny and effective monitoring of file processing. The Building Plan approval process involves Approval of building proposals, Approval of layout proposals Processing and disposal of plans.

Documents required for submission of the Building Proposals

  • Duly filled in application form (MRTP form & Development form)
  • Copy of registration of Licensed Engineer/Architect
  • Proof of Ownership document - latest copy of 7/12 extract/property card/ B. FORM (Applicable in TP Scheme)
  • Proposed building plan drawing - 5 copies
  • Demarcation copy (Within 4 years of application)
  • Copy of sanctioned layout (if applicable)
  • Zoning demarcation
  • NOC from Land acquisition department, PMC
  • Property Tax clearance certificate
  • Appointment letter of Structural Engineer
  • Title & search report
  • ULC order (If applicable)
  • Shapathpatra & Bandpatra (Rs.300/- Stamp paper)
  • Copy of Registered power of attorney
  • NOC from the water supply department (If applicable)
  • NOC from the fire service department (If applicable)
  • NOC from the Charity Commissioner (In case of Trust Property)
  • NOC from the Air Force department (If applicable)
  • NOC from Railways, MIDC, Maharashtra Pollution control Board, Central Pollution control Board,
  • The district executive magistrate (If Applicable)
  • NOC from the labour commissioner (If Applicable)
  • NOC from the Up Nibhandak/Deputy Registrar (applicable for Society redevelopment project)


  • Performance and Online Submission of PreDCR by a Licensed Architect/Engineer
  • Receipt of the scrutiny challan post submission of proposal
  • Offline submission of the file along with paid scrutiny challan & requisite documents to the Building development department
  • Scrutiny of proposal by a Building Inspector from the AutoDCR cell
  • Site visit by a Building Inspector
  • Post completion of the fulfilled building proposal, it is submitted for further sanctioning to the Deputy Engineer/Executive Engineer
  • For special building proposals like Petrol pumps, Proposal under R7, Zone change etc. are sanctioned by the Hon. Municipal Commissioner.
  • Development charge/premium charge challans are issued after sanctioning the building proposal
  • After payment of the necessary challans commencement certificate along with the drawing is issued by PMC.

Disclaimer - For legal and accurate definition kindly refer the development control rule book

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