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Construction of Cummins Flyover

Construction of Flyover at Cummins College Chowk and Universal Chowk on Warje Road, Pune.

Necessity of Flyover:

Warje road is one of the busiest roads in city. Due to rapid developments in the areas likeWarje, Malwadi, Shivane, etc. the traffic on this road has been increased tremendously causing frequent traffic congestion at Universal Chowk and Cummins College Chowk. In order to overcome the problem of frequent traffic jams, it was necessary to construct the flyover on this road at Cummins College junction and Universal junction.

Salient Features:

Two separate four lane Flyovers are proposed at Universal Junction and Cummins College Junction. Service Roads of 5.1 m width are proposed on either side of flyover, and two lanes in central portion are proposed for BRTS route.The length of Cummins Junction and Universal Junction flyover are 549 m and 522 m respectively out of which length of Viaduct Portion are 330 m and 255 m, respectively. Width of flyover in central portion is 15.80 m, and that of each approach is 7.9 m. Commencement date of the work was 22/10/2012 and stipulated date of completion with 30 months contract period was 21/04/2015. An extension of time limit was granted up to 31/10/2016 and now proposed up to 31/05/2017. The estimated cost of flyover is 44.91 Crores, and accepted Contract Price is Rs. 41.37 Crores.Financial progress up to 31/12/2016 is Rs. 15.05 Crore.

Benefits of Flyover:

  • About 80% vehicles will use flyover thereby saving time, fuel and air pollution. Travel time of vehicles using flyover will be reduced by 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Due to reduction in traffic, the congestion of traffic on service road will be reduced.

As separate lanes are proposed for BRTS buses, it will save the time and fuel of the buses and also ensures safe movement of buses and other vehicle plying on service roads.