Primary function of the disaster management cell is to respond and coordinate immediately as and when disasters occur, take effective actions by providing relief and aid to the affected and enlighten citizens about the functioning of the cell by instilling a sense of confidence in their minds.

Our citizen facing activities include establishing different help and relief groups, impart trainings, conducting mock drills and executing various awareness programs.

We are responsble for training officers of this cell as well as the general staff of the Municipal Corporation. We strive to keep abreast with the latest technology and techniques associated with disaster management in India and abroad.

The cell co-ordinates with other departments such as Police, Fire Brigade, District Administration, Divisional Commissioner office, Irrigation Department, Department of Climatology, Secretariats, etc. during pre-disaster, disaster and post-disaster to carry out following vital functions.

  • The concept of ‘Pre – Preparation’ is adopted to ensure well-organised functioning during unexpected catastrophic situations.

  • Greater emphasis is laid on quick and alert response towards the anticipated disaster.

  • Relevant trainings are provided to the employees to deal with disasters with competence & efficiency.

  • We form well trained search and rescue teams.

  • We ensure that all ward offices are well equipped to handle disaster situations, and associated equipment like fire extinguishers etc. are in excellent condition at all times.

  • Adequate provisions are made during construction of new buildings undertaken by PMC.

  • The cell takes necessary action case of violation of the code of conduct during disaster or calamity.

Contact numbers of the Disaster Management Cell - (020)-25506800 / 1 / 2 / 3

Disaster Management as a subject essentially deals with management of resources and information as far as a disastrous event is concerned and also how effectively and seamlessly one coordinates these resources. Disaster management, at the individual and organisational level, deals with issues of planning, coordinating, communication and risk management. 

​ Key services provided by department:

  • Regional Disaster Management Center, Pune Municipal Corporation provided NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) Training: Under this project 1100 government employees from various department including Departments from PMC main building, Ward offices, Fire Brigade and Nagar parishad from Pune and Satara Districts are trained for disaster management activities
  • Control Room: 24X7 Control room has been step up at the main Pune Municipal Corporation building as well as in all the ward offices with an objective of enhancing the safety and minimize damage in the event of disaster
  • Regional Disaster Management Plan:  Under Disaster Risk Management Centre 21 Municipal councils form Pune and Satara Districts and 15 ward offices of Pune Municipal Corporation is been trained on search and rescue operations
  • Evacuation and Mock Drill: Mock drill is been conducted on regular basis to under this event Fire Fighting, first aid skills and rescue demonstration are done by Fire Wardens and Fire Marshall. On each floor of PMC main building Fire Wardens and Fire Marshall is been appointed to overcome such unseen devastation
  • Communication System: Landline Phones, internet, Fax, Wireless communication system, Bulk SMS system is been introduced to give prior intimation of any devastation
  • Disaster Management: Setting up various types of committees for enhancing the safety and security in the city

     a) Pune city Disaster Management committee.

     b) Pune city Technical Cell

     c) Pune city Advisory committee.

     d) Incident Response System consisting of 36 members which are assigned for rescue and rehabilitation process in Mantralaya, Collector office, Pune etc.

100 Resilient Cities (100RC)






Pune is now part of 100 Resilient Cities (100RC), pioneered by

The Rockefeller Foundation

In May 2016, Pune has been selected among 100 Resilient Cities worldwide. We are now an integral member of the leading community of pioneers, innovators, and highly esteemed cities ready to build urban resilience across the globe.100 Resilient Cities (100RC) was created by the Rockefeller Foundation on the foundation’s Centennial in 2013.

Hundreds of cities across the world had applied to the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge. Among these hundreds of cities, Pune’s innovative approach to urban resilience and its commitment to a collaborative partnership and 100 Resilient Cities was deemed exceptional. And thus, Pune has been selected as one of the 100 Resilient Cities. There are total four cities from India which are part of the 100RC, namely, Pune, Surat, Chennai and Jaipur.

The City is eligible to receive the following support from 100RC:

  1. Funding to the City to retain a Chief Resilience Officer (CRO) for no less than two years.
  2. Technical and capacity-building services and support for the development and execution of a Resilience Strategy for the City in cooperation with the community, various stakeholders, and municipal officials.
  3. Inclusion in a 100RC peer-to-peer and learning network among member cities, creating opportunities for professional development, shared experiences and best practices, and exchange of innovative Resilience Strategies among CROs and other city officials
  4. Access to the 100RC Platform of Partners, providing resources to enable implementation of Resilience Strategies and resilience-related initiatives, including finance, technology, infrastructure and land use, building and design, communications, community engagement, and many more.

(For more information, visit: www.100ResilientCities.org)

For more information, contact,


Mr. Mahesh Harhare, Chief Resilience Officer (CRO)

puneresilient [at] gmail [dot] com


Mr. Ganesh Sonune,

Disaster Management Officer, PMC



Final Resilience Strategy






Preliminary Resilience Assessment Full Summary Report

Preliminary Resilience Assessment Report Executive

Resilient Pune Insights Agenda Setting Workshop Summary

Resilient Pune Steering Committee Summary 14022018

Working Group Resilient Pune Mobility Summary

Working Group Resilient Pune Urban Environment

Disaster Management Services


Disaster Managment Action Plan 2019 - 20



















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HOD Name: Shri. Ganesh Sonune

Designation: Disaster Management Officer

E-Mail id: ganesh.sonune@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9689931511

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Sourabh kamthe

Designation: Junior Clerk

E-Mail id: dmcell@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9923849812

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