Pune Municipal Corporation has generated a huge amount of data from various city touch points like Land, Urban, Police, etc. in the past few decades. 

PMC Enterprise GIS system is being introduced to utilize this information for the sustainable planning, management, and development of the city. PMC has designed the base map of the city on GIS portal to furnish locations of various landmarks and utilities along with diversified citizen-centric services.    

Citizen is at the heart of the Enterprise GIS system integrations. Citizens can apply for water and drainage connection, locate property and pay property tax dues, find their survey number, download and share maps through the portal through GIS Citizen Portal. The citizen can pay charges for these services online through the portal. Around 9 modes are available for digital payment. Charges are also accepted at concerned ward offices/citizen facilitation centers. Portal also offers more than 30 landmarks to all citizens represented over city map to help locate citizen their point of interest within their vicinity by sharing GPS location.

Pune Municipal Corporation also intends to shape administrative decisions effectively and foster urban growth management through GIS. All departments at PMC are now equipped with centralized GIS system with department wise information on high-resolution satellite imagery (base map). Departments also have facilities to map their ongoing projects on the centralized platform. Hence, this system shall minimize the dependencies/ communication gap between the departments and facilitate decentralized governance by focusing on right information to the right person at right time.