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Estate & Management department of Pune Municipal Corporation functions according to following Acts and Rules:

- Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 1966
- Pune Municipal Corporation property allocation rules 2008
- Development Control Rules
- N2-3 and N 2-4 of PMC Construction Rules & Guidelines


To see list of property owned by Pune Municipal corporation and related information CLICK HERE

Following responsibilities are carried out by the Department of Estate and Management:

To take possession of reserved lands in the development plan

Supervision of amenity space

To take  possession of the seats in exchange for the compensation of F.S.I /  T.D.R.

To take control of the government lands required to Municipal Corporation

Maintaining records of the properties of Municipal Corporation

Managing Municipal Corporation's properties

Announcing public roads 

To take possession of developed construction area and utilizing it under R-7 in the Development Control Regulations