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Financial Initiatives

Arthasahayya :

A sum of Rs. 52,500/- from the municipal fund is given to heirs of deceased employees whose death occurs while in service.

Documents required:

  • The application in prescribed format (within 1 year from the death of the employee)
  • Death Certificate of the employee
  • Payment slip
  • Xerox copy of ration card
  • Affidavit from the heirs

Computer Loan:

Computer loan of Rs. 25,000/- is provided to Class 3 & 4 employees of PMC with an interest of 3%.  Mandatory length of service is between 5 to 15 years and the Chief Labour Officer gives the final approval. 

Documents required:

  • Application in prescribed format.
  • Payment Slip
  • Recommendation of concerned HOD
  • Estimate of computer


A deceased person who had not given the nomination while in service, after his death the amounts like PF, gratuity, leave period salary, etc. is given to the heirs of deceased employees by Indemnity Bond.


A employee who retired by super annuation the final approval for his provident fund is given by this department.


As per the Municipal Service Regulations No. 133 & Workmens Compensation Act, 1923 amount of is provided to the employees or heirs deceased employees.The amount as per the provisions of Workers Compensation Act, 1923 by this department.