Fire and Rescue Vehicle

  • Latest cutting edge state of art technology system with combined features and functionality of both Fire Tendering as well as Emergency Rescue Operation, and capable of moving at high speeds. Its compact and light weight structure enables to reach the accident spot and its combined function helps to perform the complete job within no time, whereby savings valuable lives and assets of people

  • The vehicle is equipped with high pressure jetting system capable of combating the deadliest fire and at the same time the sophisticated rescue tools help in evacuation and safe guarding valuables

  • Safeguarding the lives of not only the people in accident but also the fire fighting personnel is equally important in any fire rescue operations. The vehicle is equipped with all those tools and gadgets to monitor the fire personnel during the fire fighting and evacuation operation and update the backup teams for immediate support if needed

  • Aryan’s Multi functional vehicle is powered by the powerful chassis engine with higher payloads. We are also proud to say that only our vehicle is ARAI approved for 1+3 seating and able to accommodate all the equipment that this vehicle is built for

  • As well as acting as reconnaissance vehicle, with on-board firefighting equipment, such as tanks, pumps and monitors, they are also able to respond to minor incidents alone, or act as front-line or additional response vehicles as part of a highly efficient response system

  • Features & Functionality:

    • Primary tools for for 21 various functions

    • GPS navigation system

    • Infrared cameras

    • Fire Fighting System with Water storage tank

    • More details in specifications document

    • Fire Fighting towards new direction

    • This latest and advanced technology system is a cost effective and better efficient system with combined functionality of both Fire Fighting as well as Emergency Rescue operation to manage the furious of the fire accidents in a very short time

    • Operation capability at all locations such as cities, villages, coastal areas, hill stations and in all climatic conditions and difficult situations

    • Efficient use of manpower and resources to deploy this system

    • Customised tools as per the requirement of the Fire Service locations

    • Efficient utilisation of the vehicle interiors for maximum carry loads and equipment

    • Agile movement and operation in heavy traffic conditions and narrow and limited spaces

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