Fire Brigade


Fire Safety for Adults

Tips for Fire Safety - Adults

Cooking Safety

  • Be attentive and alert while cooking. Unattended cooking can lead to a kitchen fire
  • Tuck in all loose ends of clothing and keep a safe distance from fire
  • Items such as towels, wooden spoons and food packages may catch fire. Move items these items away from stoves and open flames
  • Keep match sticks and lighters out of children’s reach
  • Keep hot utensils out of children’s reach as it may cause severe burn. Young children should keep a safe distance from the cooking area. Teach older children about cooking safety

Preventing Burns and Scalds

  • Children love to reach so keep hot food and liquids away from the edge of counters and tables
  • It is not advisable to hold a child while cooking or handling hot liquids. It can cause a burn or scald to your infant 
  • Check the temperature of hot water before bathing a child
  • Be careful and keep children away from a bucket of water which has a heating rod immersed in it

Safety around Electrical Appliances

  • Be careful not to overload electric sockets as this may cause overheating and result in fire
  • Do not use electrical appliances with wet hands, in wet clothes or shoes
  • Unplug and safely store electrical appliances such as irons, toasters and water heating rod immediately after using them and out of children’s reach
  • Ensure that electric wires do not run on the ground or under carpets. Replace worn out or damaged wires immediately

Safety around Open Flames

  • Keep burning candles, mosquito coils and oil lamps out of children’s reach and away from furniture, curtains, and other flammable items. Remember to blow out candles and turn off oil lamps before going to sleep
  • Ensure that cigarette butts are properly doused and disposed in an ashtray and not in the dustbin

Fire Cracker Safety Tips

  • Wear fitted cotton clothes that do not catch fire easily when  bursting fire crackers
  • Teach children to wait for an adult before lighting firecrackers
  • Use long stick to light a fire cracker. It is unsafe to light a firecracker in your hand
  • It is not safe to re-light a firecracker that did not ignite the first time
  • Keep a bucket of sand or water nearby when lighting a firecracker
  • Find an open area away from trees and homes before lighting a fire cracker. Do not light firecrackers inside the house

Safety in a Fire Emergency

  • Create and practice a fire escape plan with your family and identity a safe meeting place outside the home
  • If there is fire exit the house immediately
  • If there is lot of smoke and it is difficult to see, get low and crawl out of the house as quickly as possible
  • Know the emergency contact numbers of the fire brigade (101) and ambulance (108) in Pune