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Flyover at Swargate

As per Government resolution no. पासूस 2000/प्र.क्र.3/का.1474(3) , planning department Mantralay, Mumbai 23/02/2001 a project of Rs.260 Cr. was approved as Pune Integrated Road Development Project (IRDP) according to which MSRDC had undertaken several works in Pune. Swargate Flyover was a part of this project. Due to paucity of funds this project was not undertaken at that time. Pune Municipal Corporation requested MSRDC to undertake this work under Deposit Contribution and also deposited Rs. 40 Cr.

An agreement between MSRDC and .Pune Municipal Corporation was entered on 1/11/2011. Accordingly tenders for Project Management Consultancy were called and after scrutiny of tenders work order was given to S.N.Bhobe & Associates on 31/12/2011. After relevant pretender activities, tenders were called for construction on contractor’s own design. The work order was given to M/s NCC Ltd. on 10/06/2013.

Approval was given by Pune Municipal Corporation’s Standing Committee Resolution no. 91 dated 22/04/2013.

The salient Features of the project are as below:

  1. Estimated Cost: Rs.98.85 Cr. for lumpsum and Rs. 28.14 Cr for percentage rate
  2. Project Cost: Rs.157.85 Cr.

  3. Approval to Tender by MSRDC: 139th BOD dated 28/02/2013

  4. Tendered Cost: Rs.126.99 Cr (Lumpsum 99 Cr., B-1 Rs.27.99 Cr.)

  5. Name of Consultant: M/s S.N. Bhobe & Associates Pvt. Ltd.

  6. Name of Contractor: M/s NCC Ltd.

  7. Work Order: 10/06/2013

  8. Stipulated Time Period: 30 Months

  9. Stipulated Date of Completion: 09/12/2015

  10. Extension of time granted 31/03/17 for whole project.

  11. Flyover Details

  • Long Flyover (Traffic from Satara Road to Hadapsar Road and Sarasbaug Road ):  Length = 1261 m. Width = 7.5m. (clear carriageway)
  • Short Flyover (Traffic from Jedhe Chowk towards Satara road ): Length = 525 m. Width = 7.5m. (clear carriageway)
  1. Vehicular Underpass (VUP) (from Hadapsar road to Sarasbaug road, two lane unidirection): Length = 445 m. Width = 7.5m. (clear carriageway)

  2. Pedestrian Underpasses (PUP) (2 Nos.): 1) PUP on Satara road 42m. Length, width 14m., Height 2.9 m.

                                2) PUP on Shivaji and Tilak road Length 32m., width 8m., Height 2.9m.

Present Status of Work :

The construction of short flyover and long flyover is completed and commissioned to traffic on 20/06/2015 and 27/05/2016 respectively. In long flyover one lane goes towards Sarasbaug and one lane towards Hadapsar side.

The Vehicular Underpass having total length 445 m. in which 78m. is covered portion at Jedhe Chowk. Two Pedestrian Underpasses were proposed at Swargate Bus Stand and Tilak Road, these are being deleted in view of the upcoming Metro Rail Project / Station at Swargate. The work of Vehicular Underpass is in full swing but encroachments of Janki Hall, Toilet Block on Hadapsar road and encroachments like Hundekari Building on Satara Road, 23 shops on opposite side of Sai Mandir are necessary to be removed for further construction of service (concrete) roads.

Physical progress of flyover is 100%. Overall progress of the project is 77.25%.

Total Financial Expenditure till date is Rs. 99.90 Cr. (including escalation and material advance + PMC Charges)

Amount received from Pune Municipal Corporation till date Rs. 99.90 Cr. Balance funds to be received are Rs. 36.00 Cr.

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