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Installation of musical foundation at Hazarat Siddiqui :

The department has installed a floating musical fountain at Hazrat Siddiqui Garden in Camp area. The entire structure is made up of SS 304 steel and its size is about 24X15 metres.

There are approximately 130 nozzles in operation including straight comet jets, finger jets, water screen, long shooter and rotating jets. All these nozzles are controlled by high-precision heavy duty solenoid valves of different sizes.

LED lights under water are fixed to have high illumination. Total 600 LED plates have been used in multi-color RGB operation. All light drivers are firmly protected against water and mounted in weather-proof box on the assembly unit. Submersible cables have been used from the fountain unit to the control room in order to have operation from single location.

Plumbing with common header is constructed of galvanized iron (GI) pipes and connected to approximate 100 HP pumps; total eight in number.


Music Fountain with laser show at Lt. Vasantrao Bagul Garden, Sahakarnagar :

The multi-media show containing laser and audio programming is done in consultation with Lasertech. The RGB laser projector has been used to get beautiful and bright multi-color effects. There are 30 different watering patterns running every day.

The audio system is sourced from Pulzz I Digital Dolby and installed outdoor with waterproof encasing for speakers. There are four main speakers and four surrounders installed to get good sound quality. Mixer has been added to sync music with laser and water effects.

Automation is done by Mitsubishi Electronics, Japan with their Local vendor called Tritech Automation. A touch screen is installed to program and operate the laser show seamlessly. Total four programs have been designed for duration of 15 minute each. There are about mix­-and-match combinations of 130 patterns with lighting effects.


lllunimation at P L Deshpande Garden Sinhgad Road and various Fountains in P L Deshpande i.e. Mughal Garden :


P L Deshpande Garden Phase-11 (Mughal Garden):

PMC has the Mughal Garden at P L Deshpande Garden, Sinhgad Road. The department has installed fountains in the garden, which has six ponds. Total140 LED RGB underwater light fittings are used, which give a colorful effect in the evening. Twelve pumps have been used to produce fountain patterns.


Musical Fountain with multimedia Show in Ch.Shivaji Maharaj Garden,Wadgao-Sheri.(2017) :

First time DMX Controlled individually operated Nozzles used.