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GIS - Tree Census Project

Scope of Work:>

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has planned to conduct geo-enabled Tree census survey and plot the same on city map. SAAR IT was on boarded to develop a survey dashboard, which should be cross browser, cross platform compatible. This will give garden department a holistic view of survey work being conducted within PMC jurisdiction. The dashboard provides idea about: Current progress of the project, Quality checks status, layout of different varieties/specifies, distribution under different wards, etc.


Some of the high level scope includes:

  1. Geo tagging of all the trees under PMC jurisdiction

  2. Query Search for trees by species, location, or advanced filters such as diameter, date planted, or tree characteristics, etc.

  3. Tree photos.

  4. Monitor the progress on real time basis

  5. Get optional integrated tree key to assist in identifying tree species