Intelligent Street Lighting


  • To upgrade 70000 existing conventional street light to energy efficient LED light without any additional cost
  • Similar of higher illumination level as per IS - 1944
  • Much safer environment by providing better quality of white light
  • Maintain high power factor >.98
  • Energy savings of 30-50%
  • Maintain street light fittings over the period of 12 years which results in reduction in maintenance cost.

Features and Benefits:

  • High Power LED
  • A sturdy well designed high pressure die cast housing of rib to work as a excellent work heat sink to ensure optimum and designed life of the LED and Electronic equipment
  • LED are LM80 certified as standard practice
  • Optimum and effective light distribution
  • Luminaire compliance to IP66 protection
  • Luminaire compliance to LM79 certification
  • Colour rendering index >=70
  • Efficient thermal management in LED fitting.

Benefits of Proposal:
Savings in Maintenance cost:

  • 30-50% Energy saving
  • 10-20% more life
  • Most modern and maintenance free lighting system
  • Carbon credits
  • Complete system along with the lamps and controls
  • Carries free replacement/maintenance over the times of 12 years