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In 2006, Maharatta Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (MCCIA} formed Janwani, meaning the voice of people. Janwani, a non-profit organization, in partnership with the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC),SWaCH Cooperative (waste-picker organization) and Cummins India Ltd created a zero garbage ward model, located in the southern part of Pune at Katraj. Besides being the largest ward, it also represents the differentsocio-economic classes in the city.

The 'Zero Garbage Ward' model helps decentralize solid waste management and incorporate the waste collectors into the formal system of waste management. The model addresses the two key challenges faced by every city in India that is collection and segregation of waste and supports to treat wet waste closer to its generation. By achieving optimum segregation of waste and selling the dry waste to scrap dealers through waste collectors, the model eliminates/minimizes the need of Land Filling. The model also supports the decision of the Central Government of not sending the city's waste to the dumping grounds but processing it within the ward.

The important indicators of Zero Garbage Ward Model are

  • 00% door stepcollection
  • 00% segregation ofgarbage
  • Processingofwet waste locally

PMC's approach while execution of the project was collaborative, research oriented, ensuring inputs and engagement of local representative so asto ensure sustainability in the long run. The role of Janwani as a facilitator was to create awareness about segregation and increase collection of garbage. Various programs helped convey the message effectively to various strata of society. The programs include rallies, puppet shows, streetplays,cleanlinessdrives, film show, and poster exhibition, etc.