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Our primary aim is to implement various labour welfare activities and ensure proper implementation of provisions made by the Section 66 of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act. Our department plays a vital role to keep cordial relations and industrial harmony between the Administration and all the employees of Pune Municipal Corporation.

We consistently work towards provision of welfare activities for the employees through Kamgar Kalyan Nidhi, Workers Education Training Programme, Cultural Programmes, etc. The department is also responsible for scrutiny of cases of appointments to the legal heirs as per the recommendations of Lad & Page Committee, cases of overtime, and coordination for cases filed in the labour and industrial court of Pune. Timely redressal of employee grievance is important to us, and we try our level best to ensure that it is done in a peaceful manner.

Marathi BhashaSanvardhan is a significant initiative of the Department as it conducts various activities to create and conserve Marathi language awareness amongst the citizens of Pune.

All the members of this department strive to provide full benefits of labour welfare schemes and initiatives to the employees of Pune Municipal Corporation, and we envision to grow and expand along the lines mentioned below:

  • Expansion of Human Resource Development Cell
  • To ascertain Training Need Analysis for effective and need-based training
  • To construct Kamgar Kalyan Bhavan
  • To create certralised Pay Unit
  • To arrange yoga, sports activities and fitness training for encouragement of health awareness in female employees

Labour Welfare Department as per the provisions of Section 66 of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Various welfare activities for all employees of PMC are carried out by our department. Some of the main activities are mentioned below.

  • To implement provisions of various Labour & Industrial laws.
  • To give legal opinions to all departments regarding labour issues.
  • To implement various welfare schemes as provided in Kamgar Kalyan Nidhi Rules.
  • To organize various training programmes to the officers and employees of  PMC along with Workers Education Programme.
  • To organize various programmes as decided by  Marathi Bhasha Sanvardhan Committee.
  • To give final approval of all Indemnity Bond cases, General Provident Fund cases, Computer / Vehicle loan etc.
  • To make necessary arrangement for industrial harmony and to coordinate all disputes between Union and Administration in a peaceful manner.
  • To scrutinize proposals sent by various departments as per recommendations of Hon.ble Lad / Page Committee and overtime cases.
  • To coordinate and constant follow up of the cases in the Industrial & Labourcourt.
  • To arrange various cultural programmes.



HOD Name: Shri. Shivaji Daundkar

Designation: Chief Labour Officer

E-Mail id: shivaji.daundkar@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9689931252

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Smt. Revati Thite

Designation: Junior Clerk

E-Mail id:

Mobile No: +91 25501255

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Shantaram Sitap

Designation: Junior Clerk

E-Mail id: sitap100@gmail.com

Mobile No: +91 9921479582

Department Information

Department Address: Pune Municipal Main Building, Room No.208, Second Floor Shivaji Nagar, Pune

Phone No: +91 9689931999

E-Mail id: shivaji.daundkar@punecorporation.org