Labour Welfare Office

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Legal Activities

Implementation of various Labour Acts:

  • Various departments of PMC are engaging labour services through contractor for development and maintenance works.  The agreements of such all works are being checked by this office as per the prevailing rules and regulations of labour & industrial Laws.
  • As per the provision of Minimum Wages Act, 1948 the contractor should paid wages to the labours as per the minimum wages decided by Govt. of Maharashtra. To cover this issue 15 Dy. Labour Officers are appointed temporarily.  Through these Dy.Labour Officers it is very much easier to coordinate with all departments regarding contract labour issues.
  • To solve the problems of contract Labour Kamgar Adalat is arranged on last day every month in PMC main building.

Scrutiny of Appointment

As per the recommendations of Hon'ble Lad & Page Committee the legal heirs of sweeper & scavenger are entitled for appointment after retirement, death or retired due to physical disability.  All such cases of appointments are scrutinized by this department.