Fire Brigade


LPG Safety

Fire = Fuel + Heat + Oxygen

Triangle of Combustion

All combustion process involves the important factors: -

  1. A combustible material or fuel must be present
  2. Oxygen, either form air or from some other oxygen supplying substance must be present
  3. Heat (a portion of the two material must be heated to a temperature at which combustion will be initiated)

Combustion will occur as long as the three factors present.

Removal of one of them caused the triangle to collapse and further combustion stop.

LPG Safety Tips:

  • Check rubber tubes regularly for cracks, if any change rubber tube at least on in two year
  • Strike the match first then open the burner knob of your stove
  • Do’s in case of leakage
  • Don’t switch on/off any electrical equipment inside the house
  • Don’t light matches, lighter, stove etc
  • Before using the cylinder check for leakage from cylinder valve and other joint by applying soap solution
  • Always keep the cylinder in vertical position with valve on top and installed at ground level on a flat surface
  • If leakage is from the valve immediately put the safety cap or use your bath soap the leakage from valve
  • Take the cylinder in an open area and contact the distributor or emergency service cell

In Case of Fire what to do

  • Do not run
  • Do not panic
  • Do not take shelter in toilet
  • Inform fire brigade about fire alert neighbors
  • Shut all the doors behind you
  • Make exit to ground level instead of terrace
  • Do not use lift to escape
  • Use nearest means of escape and the staircase available
  • If possible use fire extinguisher
  • If you know the details of fire/fire extinguishing system provided, inform the fire brigade personnel on their arrival

How to Call Fire Brigade

  • Control room duty officer receives your call
  • Give him detailed address, nature of incident and telephone number from which you are calling
  • Keep down the receiver and wait. Control room will call back to verify the call
  • Wait for the fire person, co-operate with firemen
  • Organizing fire & evacuation drill