Machinery Permit

License and Skysign Department is also responsible for distribution of Machinery Permit for the machinery used in business. Permit is issued for the machinery which run on electricity, water and stem. Applicant gets the permit after compliance of documents in prescribed form S.P. 5 as per Part I to IV in annexure 18 of section 313 of Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act. These permits are renewed regularly. For that, documents in the prescribed form P.6 must be submitted.

These permits are issued to businesses such as painting clothes, electroplating, preparing spices, making bricks, cotton processing, metal casting, dynamite, liquor, rubber products, papers, sandal and soap preparation, tar boil-cleaning, blacksmith work, artwork, glass work or glass grinding, timber mill, laser metal work, machine laundry, Carpenter tasks or any other business which requires electricity or force. 

After the receipt of application from entrepreneur, License Inspector inspects the business site and then corresponds to the concerned department for No Objection Certificate (NOC) required for business.  If the concerned department gives appropriate feedback, Chief License inspector presents the proposal to Deputy Commissioner (Technical). After the approval from Deputy Commissioner (Technical), proposal is turned into resolution and the business is registered officially. The entrepreneur receives No Objection Certificate (NOC) which is to be submitted to Maharashtra State Electricity Board. Entrepreneur submits the application for license to receive the electricity supply from Maharashtra State Electricity Board.  As such, a license is issued after the official registration. Machinery license renewal is done during 1st February to 31st March.