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New Dengle bridge over Mutha river

Name of contractor : M/s T & T Infra P ltd

Name of consultant : M/s XCC engineers & planners P ltd

Estimated cost of project : 202346258.00 Rs

Work order No. : 4479 dtd. 15/12/2016.

Technical Information : On the west side of existing Dengle Bridge a new bridge of length 162 mtr, & width 24 mtr. having 4 piers & five spans is to be constructed. There are 2 carriageways of 7.5 mtr. Width & adjacent to it there are cycle track & footpath. A proposed bridge is having a tee shaped girders of 45.50 mtr. length in 3 spans. To decorate the bridge at the sides of footpath & cycle track a steel structural trust will be built.

After the construction of this bridge traffic load on the Dengle bridge can be minimized.