Social Development Department


Night Shelter Project

As per directions from the Hon. Supreme Court, Writ Petition No. 196/2001 and as per the orders given by the Hon. Maharashtra Government, Urban Development Department, a directive has been issued that for a city with a population of more than five lakhs, a night shelter project should be set up as one night shelter for every one lakh people population. 

Considering that the population of Pune city is 38 lakhs, the government has announced that it has implemented the night shelter project in Pune city. In accordance with the orders and the guiding principles prescribed by the government, the Social Development Department, Pune Municipal Corporation, with co-operation from the NGOs, is implementing the night shelter project in order to provide the facility of shelter to the homeless and destitute in the city.  

At present, night shelter projects are running at three places in the Pune city, with the co-operation from the organizations, which are as mentioned below.


Sr. No.

Name and Location of the Night Shelter Project

Name, Location, Contact No. of the Institution/Organization


Senadatta Sanskrutik / Cultural Hall, Senadatta Peth, Pune-30

Pune Youth Foundation, Hadapsar Pune, 9822351359


Dudh Bhatti, Samaj Mandir, Bopodi, Pune

Janhavi Foundation, Pune, 9822940848


Mother Teresa Samaj Mandir, Yerwada, Pune

John Paul Slum Development Project, Pune, 9822014471


You can apply for these schemes via online services available at or apply in person following the steps mentioned below :-

  • Different Scheme forms are accepted at grass root level by Group Organizer (Samuhsanghthika)
  • Interested applicants can visit S.M. Joshi Hall, 582, Rasta Peth, Near Daruwala pool, Pune. (Telephone no.- 020-26336249), and/or meet Social Development personnel at the women empowerment centre and service centres at the nearest ward office
  • Verification and recommendation of all applications is carried out by the respective Social Worker
  • The application gets sanctioned by Chief Social Development Officer after recommendation by Deputy Social Development Officer, scrutiny by Junior Grade Clerk, recommendation by Social Development Officer
  • The application gets sent to audit department for billing purpose after the process mentioned above. The cheque is prepared and a list of all beneficiaries is handed over to the respective social worker
  • Information to collect cheque is given to beneficiaries by Group Organizer(Samuhsanghtika). Cheque distribution to all beneficiaries carried out at S.M. Joshi Hall, 582, Rasta Peth, Near Daruwala pool, Pune. (Telephone No - 020-26336249)