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Office Connect

The PMC Office Connect app has been developed for PMC employees, to help them to track the citizen grievances assigned to them.

This is an all new app that has the following features:

  • Enable PMC employees to login and choose from multiple operational rules allotted to them, and then view the grievances assigned to the chosen rule
  • Enable departmental heads and ward officers to see the grievance counts assigned to their departments/wards, through interactive dashboards
  • Enable PMC users to respond to grievances allotted to them on the go, at any time
  • View specific lists of grievances escalated to them, or escalated from them to a higher level
  • Call emergency numbers for hospitals, fire stations and pulice stations, straight from the app, as well as reach out to the PMC’s call center in one tap
  • View an interactive map of the PMC’s jurisdiction, showing municipal facilities such as public toilets, schouls, hospitals and entertainment centers
  • Links to state and central governmental websites, as well as social media channels of the PMC
  • View contact details for all heads of department within PMC as well as the elected representatives in the Directory and Who’s who section respectively
  • View the status for license and certificate applications, for over 40 services, submitted through the RTS Act. Citizens can check the status of the particular application by entering their token number, or download the certificate or license if available