Old Gardens in Pune

Saras baug

  • In the year of 1950 on artificial pond was created on the border of Ambil Odha. Pond was being used for boating & for swimming for the elephants.
  • Area - Near about 25 acre
  • In the year of 1784 Shrimant Madhavrao Peshave build a small temple of Shree Siddivinayak.
  • This Ganesh Temple is very famous temple of Pune city & also tourist point for outside city people.
  • Saras Baug was 250 years old.

Dr. Gaddasingh Chima Garden, Yerwada, Pune

  • This garden was developed in the year of 1988.
  • Garden name was given on the honor of Horticulture Scientist Dr, Chima.

Shrimant Bhairavsigh Ghorpade Garden, Ghorpadi peth

  • Inaugurated on - 27 Feb 1955.
  • This is the only park in pune city when large numbers of people are come from all level.
  • Features- Jogging track- for citizens
  • Play equipments - for children
  • Phulrani- for children
  • King of Mudhol Shri Ghorpade gave 4 acres lands to Municipal Corporation for development of the garden.

Kamala Nehru Park, Erandwana, Pune

  • Inaugurated- years 1952
  • Area-16,000
  • In 1953- Play ground was created for children’s
  • Model of Airplane which gives victory to India in Indo park war was fitted in this garden.

Charapati Shahu Udyan, Somwar Peth, Pune

  • In 1950, this garden was created for the people which was lived in East region of pune city.
  • On 15 feb 1953, garden was inaugurated by frist Moyer of PMC Shri. Baburao Sanas, garden was named as Shahu Udyan.

Dr. Jayprakash Udyan, beside Pune railway station

  • This garden was inaugurated on 10 oct 1927 by Dr. Willson.

Late. Tatyasaheb Thorat Udyan

  • Inaugurated- 12 May 1986
  • Area- 16,000
  • S.K. 423 air fighter aircraft.
  • Temple- Datta & Jaibhavani Mata

Jijamata Udyan

  • This garden was created for children & women.
  • Jijamata garden name was given on the memory of Rajamata Jijabai.
  • The opening of newly built red house was on 14 May 1988.

Mahatma Gandhi Udyan, Band garden

  • In 1869, garden was created near Mula Mutha river.
  • In 1971, this garden was named as Mahatma Gandhi Garden.
  • The Park is  remembrance reminds of britisakala.
  • The historic first and second mahayuddhatila khalasance identity as a memorial park.

Chittaranjan Vatika, Model colony, Shivajinagar

  • Inauguration- 21 jun 1996
  • Area - 20,000
  • The Garden has been developed full of variety withlocal trees, on the side of Nala’s 5 acres in the Model colony.
  • Special training has been developed for the school students on traffic rules at traffic park.