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Peshwe Sahasi Udyan

Peshwe Sahasi Udyan
Theme - Adventure Park

It has been named after the Peshwas who were prime ministers to the kings and owners of the Parvati area. The park is located adjacent to the Sarasbaug garden and in the vicinity of the Parvati temple hill.

Attractions of the park

Adventure Park for Children - Previously the area was part of a lake that was subsequently  converted into a garden. The Peshwe Park is now called ‘Peshwe Adventure Park', especially after the induction of 50 types of adventure sports games/activities like net climbing,  walk rope climbing, wall climbing, grappling, tower climbing, balancing, high altitude cycling, rope skidding, crossing the pond on a rope, etc. are just name of few (for 3-16 age group).

Children are also provided a safety gear to practice these adventure games (of course, under watchful supervision of instructors). Tarzan jump, sliding belt instrument, body motion gene,memo park, bicycle rope,skyway, dragon and slider are some of the popular games. The idea behind the park is to remove the fear element in kids from a young age as was first mooted by it's designer 8 S Deshmukh.

Educational Models - Pune Municipal Corporation has attempted to increase the general awareness regarding the importance and the need of non-conventional sources of energy. Educational models of solar energy, hydel energy and biogas energy projects are presented which provide information about their basic concepts to young minds.

Outside the park

Mouth-watering chopati is just the outside of the park to tickle your taste buds wait for visitors to come and enjoy the chaats. You can find various stalls of bhelpuri, panipuri, vada pav and other chaat items. Please bring your own drinking water.

Entry fee

Adult - Rs 10

Child - Rs 40      


Up till the next order "Peshwe Sahasi Udyan" Has been closed.

Location:  NearSarasbaug, Sadashiv Peth

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