Road Department


Plastic in Road Construction

  • Plastic in different forms is found to be almost 5% in municipal solid waste, which is toxic in nature.
  • Due to its biodegradability it creates significant environment hazards.
  • In order to contain this problem, experiments have been carried out whether this waste plastic can be reused productively in the construction of roads.
  • The experimentation at several institutes indicated that the waste plastic, when added to hot aggregate will form a fine coat of plastic over the aggregate and such aggregate, when mixed with the binder is found to give higher strength, higher resistance to water and better performance over a period of time.
  • Therefore, PMC Road department has carried out use waste plastic in the construction of Roads.

Trial patches were carried out at the following roads

  1. Dattawadi Kaka Halwai Lane.
  2. Katraj Dairy.
  3. Magarpatta City HCMTR Road.
  4. Kavde Mala Road
  5. Koregaon Park Lane No 3
  6. Yeravada Sadal Baba Darga Road from Chandrama Chowk.