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PMC Portal

The PMC portal is a revamped version of the PMC’s official website:

The portal represents the city of Pune itself: colorful, vibrant and visitor friendly.

Built using a Drupal Content Management System Framework, the website allows citizens to login and register themselves with the city’s civic administration, and receive and notifications updates on the latest news, events and happenings within the city and in the Municipal Corporation.

Citizens can view images and videos, amongst a host of other content, to find out about the city, its administration and residents.

Citizens can take part in opinion polls and view results for these opinion polls, in addition to viewing and applying for open job positions within the PMC.

Citizens can create and customize their profiles, upload their pictures and request to be notified when news or notifications are available for departments of their choice.

Publicly available information on GRs, taxes and government policy, maps, detailed project reports, and government process forms and circulars can also be downloaded from the site.

Information on all the PMC’s departments, their structure and working, along with contacts of key personnel, and a brief of the services that the department offers to the public and the PMC is available on the website.

A powerful search function, along with a site map, enables citizens to navigate through the site quickly and efficiently, to reach the information that they need.

PMC users can maintain departmental microsites within the ambit of the PMC, without help from the IT department, thus enabling quicker development and availability of content to the public.

They can also create meeting invites and send them to specific, customizable user groups. The recipients of the invites may be PMC employees, or members of the general public. Recipients can synchronize these events with their personal calendars. For example, a HoD level meeting or a flag hoisting ceremony.

The PMC portal shall also have an accompanying mobile app. In addition to the content management features of the website, the mobile app shall enable citizens to receive push notifications about events, news, job postings and new content addition about the topics and departments they choose.

The mobile app shall allow citizens to use their current location to view municipal facilities near them.