Encroachment Policies

Hawkers Policy

Introduction:- Taking into account the consistently-increasing encroachments by the street vendors in the cities and the increasing difficulties that the citizens face in using the road for traffic and footpaths to walk, a need was felt to design an independent policy for the street vendors of the city. Accordingly, the Central Government pronounced a separate Street Vendors Act 2014 for the street vendors of the cities, and made it applicable to the urban administrative bodies of all the States of the country.

Objectives:- It is the objective of the Urban Administration to appropriately rehabilitate such street vending businessmen who are found sitting on the streets and footpaths of every city to conduct their business, by making systematic plans along the roads of the city or by building small platform markets on the vacant lands along the roads of the city. The main objective of the Municipal Corporation behind this is to keep the roads in the city with heavy traffic free for traffic and footpaths of the city free for citizens to use. 

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Street Vendors Regulation 2016

Support to urban street vendors Operatioinal Guidelines 2017 (Govt of India)

Maharashtra Shasan Path Vikreta Yojana_2017

NULM Maharashtra Shasan Margdarshak Suchna

Path Vikreta Niyam

Pandal Policy-2015

Every year Pandals / stages are erected in the area under the Pune Municipal Corporation by the respective public institutes, organizations and citizens on the public roads and footpaths of the Pune Municipal Corporation on the occasion of various public festivals / celebrations by all the religions; for example, Ganesh / Navratri festival, Dahi Handi festival, Ramzan Id, Christmas etc; also on the occasions of anniversaries of all the national leaders. For the same, all the regional offices under the control of the office of the Deputy Commissioner (Unauthorized Construction Removal and Encroachment Department) of the PMC have been assigned the work of issuing official permission from the Pune Municipal Corporation, by charging rates that are approved from time to time by the Hon. Chief Meeting.

But the Pandals licenses, issued in the above-mentioned manner for public functions and festivals, were used to erect Pandals right on the roads without taking into consideration the use of roads by the citizens for transportation and use of footpaths for walking. Hence, during this period repeated complaints were received from the citizens in regards to traffic and walking along the roads. Accordingly, Public Interest Litigations (PILs) were filed with the Hon. High Court. In response to these PILs, the Hon. High Court ordered to define a policy to ensure that Pandals are erected on the roads of the cities for festivals in such a way that the roads and footpaths of the cities remain free for use by citizens and for traffic. Subsequently, the below-mentioned new Pandal Policy was formulated.

If during festival times, the Pandals are erected on the roads as per the terms and conditions of this new policy, there will be no obstruction in the traffic flow and commuting by the citizens.

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Illegal pandal & Noise pollution Govt Gr for action plan

Noise Pollution Implementation

Noise Pollution Govt Implementation Rules

Pandal Policy Govt guidelines

Farmer’s Weekly Market

Introduction: - As per Government Resolution No. AMB-0816/P.No.119/21 C dated 12 August 2016, of the Department of Co-operation, Marketing and Textiles of Government of Maharashtra, the government has taken the decision of implementing the Sant Shiromani Savta Mali Shetkari Aathavdi Bazar programme to enable the farmers to directly sell their agricultural produce to the buyers in the cities. The Agricultural Marketing Board, Pune has been officially appointed by the government as the nodal agency for the implementation of this programme.

Objectives: - According to the government programme, as the farmers / farmer groups from the State shall be directly selling the fresh and clean agricultural produce cultivated by them, at reasonable prices, to the customers in the city, the farmers will earn a good earning as they will get a good market rate. At the same time, fresh vegetables / fruits will be available to the citizens from the cities, at reasonable rates. This will also lead to reducing the encroachments made by the illegal street hawkers who sell vegetables / fruits on the footpaths of the cities.

Farmer's Weekly Market Policy 2016 - Marathi / English

Farmers weekly market Govt Program implementation

Farmers weekly market PMC Resolution

IIIegal Religious Structure


Illegal Religious Structures List-2016 Published In Newspaper


Abandoned Vehicle GR

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