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Property Tax Survey Application

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has planned to conduct geo-enabled property tax survey to automate its entire property tax assessment function. The larger objective is to conduct door to door geo-enabled survey of all properties within the jurisdiction of PMC and implement property tax assessment system which will handle automated workflows. Benchmark IT was on boarded to develop a Property tax survey mobile application, which should be cross browser, cross platform compatible & should operate as a web application as well.

A brief scope of work for the same is as follows - 

  • Mobile app android based surveyor module for GPS enabled handheld device with good accuracy for effective and real time geospatial property tax survey
  • Provision for Field related Data entry for every property as per PMC requirement
  • The separate data should be collected for Under Construction / Incomplete
  • Buildings including geo-tagged and geo-controlled with timestamp Photograph
  • Attach photograph which should be geo-tagged and geo-controlled with timestamp. The photograph capture should not be allowed beyond particular distance (in Meters) and this distance should be configurable as PMC will decide it later
  • Application should restrict upload photograph facility from gallery so that Surveyor has to click the property photograph on the field within allowed area
  • Surveyor should be provided very user friendly dashboard which can directly take him to the location where he stands as soon as he logs in. The surrounding buildings should provide clear distinction between work done, work not done and work in progress for his benefit.
  • The distinction of properties should be configurable which can be decided by PMC about indicators like outlines and color
  • As surveyor completes field level data entry he should be able to submit details from field
  • Surveyor should be able to work on any properties within his allocated area that are also rejected by office users
  • Surveyor should also be able to search properties by giving property number
  • Provision for new property addition
  • Provision for Alfa numeric GIS IDs for all property.
  • Provision for Property Ground Truthing
  • Provision for other Asset layers Ground Truthing
  • Provision for uploading documents from site for new assessment
  • GIS Navigation facilities and Search Tool
  • Geofencing “Pethwise”