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It is necessary for vendors to apply or submit demand application on his/her letterhead or on simple page with an authentic signature to getrefund of Local Body Tax as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporations Act, 1949 and Local Body Tax Rules.

It is essential for vendors to enclose/submit the necessary papers i. e. an original receipt and challan of Local Body Tax paid to the Corporation, copy of sale and purchase register, original bills of the goods imported or exported, the lorry or transport receipts, self attested bond of the vendors and other documents as per the refund policy, along with his application or demand application.

It is requiredthat the goods without any change in its originality should be exported outside municipal limits within a period of 6 months. The importer and exporters should be same, and the vendor should submit refund application within a period of one month after exporting the said goods. 

Officers / Employee

Mr. Prakash Narayan Jangale, Administrative Officer,Mobile No - 9689931722


Bhokare Devidas Bhalchandra

Dy. Superintendent

Mobile No – 9689931529

Ph No. (Office) – 020 2550 1433



Sindagi Sidram Shivappa

Senior Clerk

Ph No. (Office) – 020 2550 1433