Pune River Rijuvenation Project

Riverfront Development

River Mula and Mutha are very important rivers passing through centre of Pune city bifurcating the PMC and PCMC areas. The twin cities are experiencing heavy urbanization from past few decades which has created pressure on these rivers.

The rivers have become largely inaccessible from the city and are no longer seen as assets to the city. The city has turned its back to these rivers. In order to cope with these current issues and create meaningful public realm along the rivers, Pune Municipal Corporation has instigated a comprehensive project - Mula, Mutha and Mula-Mutha Riverfront Development Project in entire Pune Municipal corporation area.

There are three rivers passing through Pune Municipal Corporation area namely Mula, Mutha and Mula-Mutha, with an approximate total length of 44kms and widths varying from 80mts to 250mts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Rivers Pass Through Pune?

Pune lies on the western margin of the Deccan plateau, on the leeward side of the Sahyadri mountain range. The city is blessed with Mula and Mutha Rivers that originate in the Sahyadri ranges and traverse across Pune. The two rivers further meet and upon their confluence Mula-Mutha river is formed which further drains itself into the Bhima River. The total length of these three rivers traversing through Pune Municipal Corporation is 44km approximately. Out of this, 22.2km is Mula River, 10.4km is Mutha River and 11.8km is Mula Mutha River.

Fig . Map showing Pune and its Rivers and their catchment area and flood discharge

Both Mula and Mutha Rivers are dammed in their upstream. Mutha River has three dams- Khadakwasla, Warasgaon and Temghar while Mula River has Mulshi Dam that controls the release of water in the rivers. The rainfall only in the catchment area below the dams finds its way into the rivers.

The rainfall in the upstream reaches the reservoirs of the various dams from which it is released into the rivers in a controlled manner. The map below shows the catchment areas and the flood discharge for Pune's Rivers

2. What Is The Present Condition Of Pune's Rivers?

Pune's Rivers have been degraded over time. This is due to a number of factors:

Urbanization along river - Heavy urbanization in PMC and PCMC areas over the past few decades has led to haphazard urban development along the river. At some locations, the development extends right up to the edge of the river.

Construction of Dams - The Mutha and Mula Rivers in Pune have dams in their upstream, controlling the discharge of water into them. Presently, the dams have stopped the flow of water into the rivers, keeping them dry.

Release of untreated sewage - Significant Number of Nallas and piped outfalls discharge untreated sewage directly into the rivers, converting the river into a polluted 'drain'.

Lack of Access - Pune's rivers are not easily accessible. In the areas that are already developed there are very few points where one can approach the Rivers. While along most of its length, the banks are lined by private properties making the River inaccessible for citizens.

Poor connectivity across the banks - results in the river becoming a barrier that divides the city.All of the above, have over the period of time transformed a beautiful river into a polluted drain that the city has turned its back to.

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