Road Department


Road Asset Management System (RAMS)

• A system that enables the Road department to manage road related information is desired.

• Such a system shall also act as the base for Asset Management System for Road network of Pune City,a decision support system, which would help the Road department make crucial decisions about prioritization of roads with regard to repair and maintenance, especially given that the resources allocated to the department to do so are limited.

• The needs of Road maintenance management are addressed through a software tool termed Road Asset Management System (RAMS).

• A RAMS is a technical or operational method for managing or directing and controlling maintenance resources, in a scientific manner, for optimum benefits.

• The RAMS includes the development of guidelines to devise the methodologies for systematic data collection.

• The data is collected on the structural and functional performance of all categories of road under varying climate, traffic, and environmental conditions.

• Judicious allocation of maintenance funds is dependent on this data and its analysis.

• The prime purpose of the maintenance phase of the RAMS is to determine the cost associated with providing various levels of serviceability for any given road section.

• This is very useful information for the Municipal authorities for planning budgetary requirements based on a scientific and rational analysis of the present road condition.

• The RAMS uses engineering parameters like International Roughness Index (IRI) and the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) for this purpose and also as trigger values for treatment timing and treatment alternative selection, using predefined standards.

• At present RAMS work is in tender approval stage and will be executed jointly by PMC Road dept. and PSCDCL.