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Centralised wireless Control street lights :

Save Energy: When you take minute by minute control of the light output of every fixture. Major energy savings can be made. This is achieved by varying light output during the night, by making on/off times more precise and by adjusting power to deliver a constant light output that adapts both to cleaning regimes and to the natural degradation of LEDs conventional lamps overtime.

Reduce Maintenance cost:

When you have real time graphical view of the status of every fixture in the city there is no need for costly night maintenance patrols. Harnessing this central intelligence also ensurs that maintenance team are only site when really needed and analytics tools enable fixture lifecycles to be anticipated and planned for.


Improve Citizens well-being and Security:

Street lighting is an emotive issue. For every community concerned about light pollution there is another where fear of crime is the main issue. The fact is that community and business needs and diverse. Locally specific and they vary over the time. Wireless remote control allows the lighting experience to the precisely tailored. To evolve over the time and to be directly changed when events dictate.


Centralized control:

Street lights are difficult and expensive to manage. Feeder based centralised control enables control vast numbers of street lights from central management system. It aids operations and reduces maintenance cost

  • Immediate fault notification

  • Eliminate day burners

  • Monitor performance of new features

  • Faster organized response to failure

  • Reduce night maintenance inspections

  • Quality energy savings


Color Changing Lighting AT Sadguru Shankar Maharaj Flyover Dhankawadi (2016) :