Road Department


Road Maintenance Van

• Road department had called for tenders to appoint 4 Road Maintenance van in the 4 zones of Pune City on trial basis.

• The RMV had a 24 hr standing instruction to carry out work repairs.

• The RMVs are interconnected by the Road Maintenance Mobile app which is operated by all the junior engineers of the road dept.

• The Citizens have been given a toll free number wherein they can register their complaints.

• The back office forwards these complaints to the concerned Junior engineer who in turn carries out the repair works with the help of RMV.

• Introduction of the RMV has led to speedy redressal of citizen complaints and also has brought down the complaint solving lead time.

• Due to success of the 4 RMVs, more 8 RMVs are now in stage of being introduced bringing the total number of RMVs to 12.