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SMART Pedestrian street

A critical component of smart mobility is safer, inclusive infrastructure for pedestrians, cyclists and differently abled. A considerable chunk of Indian roads have historically given preference to motorized vehicles in street design. However, smart streets ensure safety of non-motorized stakeholders. By redesigning 27 km of streets with RoW > 18 m, it will be ensured that adequate footpath space and demarcated bicycle lanes are present. The street will have demarcated zones: for commercial activities, pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles, to ensure a sustainable mobile ecosystem is created. This will be complemented by initiatives such as place making (elaborated below), thereby contributing to the urban form. Together with bicycle systems and improved footpaths, it is expected that ABB will be able to match benchmark 50% (from 30% currently) NMT trip share. Continuous footpaths, bicycle tracks will lead to increased adoption leading to improvement in air quality as well.

  • Under the SMART Cities Mission,Pedestrisation of the Aundh DP Road was carried out by the Road department.
  • A Mock up of about 500 m was carried out for a period of 7 days.
  • The road was partly closed and one way traffic was made operational.
  • The Event witnessed a foot fall of nearly 3000 persons / day.

The mock design trial had both takers and critics after a couple of days, but it was important to note that people who have been involved in urban improvement efforts for years have a positive view of this mock design.

Some of the verdicts

  • Udaan shuttle convenient for elderly.
  • Great to see music on the street.
  • Walking, bicycling and public transport are the only way to go in any city. Cars are not a solution for the future.
  • This trial needs to be done on other Pune roads, especially MG Road!


  • Traffic signals on adjacent roads need to be aligned
  • Signage needs to be more clear.
  • Mechanism to spread the word to a large number of citizens so all are informed in time. Media can help with that.

Citizen Engagement Activity

Citizen Feedback Initiative