Urban Community Development division came into existence in 1984 with the help & guidance of UNICEF. Then newly formed office worked especially for pregnant women, child below 6 year old. This division even started running nurseries & provide nutritious food to kids. Then in 1987 this Urban Community division merged In Pune Municipal Corporation & it was formed as new department.

Urban Community Development Department started working for urban poor & needy citizens & department implemented central & state government SUP scheme. Read More

Social Development Department of Pune Municipal Corporation runs five primary schemes as mentioned below:

  1. Disability Welfare Scheme
  2. Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana (NULM) 
  3. Backward Class Welfare Scheme
  4. Women & Child Welfare Scheme
  5. Youth Welfare Scheme

The procedure of all existing schemes of Social Development Dept. implemented is as following - 

  • Different Scheme forms are accepted at grass root level by Group organizer(Samuhsanghthika)
  • Verification and recommendation of all applications by Social Worker
  • Recommendation by Deputy Social Development Officer
  • Scrutiny by Junior Grade Clerk
  • Recommendation by Social Development Officer
  • Sanction by Hon. Chief Social Development Officer
  • Sanction Applications sent to audit department for billing purpose
  • Cheque is prepared
  • List prepared of all Beneficiaries & handed over to social Worker
  • Information to collect cheque is given to beneficiaries by Group Organizer(Samuhsanghtika)
  • Cheque distribution to all beneficiaries at S.M. Joshi Hall, 582, Rasta Peth, Near Daruwala pool, Pune. (Telephone no.- 020-26336249)



HOD Name: Shri. Ramdas Chavan

Designation: Chief Social Development Officer

E-Mail id: ramdas.chavan@punecorporation.org

Mobile No: +91 9689931479

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Sandeep Kamble


E-Mail id:

Mobile No: +91 9689931699

IT Nodal Officer

IT Nodal Officer Name: Shri. Akshay Bule

Designation: Junior Clerk

E-Mail id:

Mobile No: +91 8805300645

Department Information

Department Address: Ground floor, Main Building, Pune Municipal Corporation, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411005

Phone No: +91 2025501283

E-Mail id: sdd@punecorporation.org