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Subsidy for beneficiary-led individual house construction or enhancement

The fourth component of the mission is assistance to individual eligible families belonging to EWS categories to either construct new houses or enhance existing houses on their own to cover the beneficiaries, who are not able to take advantage of other components of the mission. Such families may avail of central assistance of Rs. 1.50 lakhs for construction of new houses or for enhancement of existing houses under the mission.

  • Beneficiaries desirous of availing this assistance shall approach the ULBs with adequate documentation regarding availability of land owned by them. Such beneficiaries may be residing either in slums or outside the slums. Beneficiaries in slums which are not being redeveloped can be covered under this component if beneficiaries have a Kutcha or Semi-Pucca house.
  • The Urban Local Bodies shall validate the information given by the beneficiary and building plan for the house submitted by beneficiary so that ownership of land and other details of beneficiary like economic status and eligibility can be ascertained. In addition, the condition of the houses e.g. Kutcha, semi-kutcha etc. of the prospective beneficiary should be checked with SECC data to ensure beneficiary’s consequent eligibility for construction of new housing. SECC data regarding number of rooms, details of family members etc. should also be checked to ensure beneficiary’s eligibility for enhancement.
  • On the basis of these applications, ULBs will prepare an integrated city wide housing project for such individual beneficiaries in accordance with the City Development Plan (CDP) or other such plans of the city to ensure construction of proposed houses are as per planning norms of the city and scheme is implemented in an integrated manner. Individual applicants for assistance shall not be considered.
  • Such Projects would be approved by States in SLSMC.
  • While approving project for individual house construction, Urban Local Bodies and State / UT should ensure that required finance for constructing the planned house is available to the beneficiary from different sources including his own contribution, GoI assistance, State Government assistance etc. In no case, GoI assistance will be released for house where balance cost of construction is not tied up, as otherwise release of GoI assistance may result into half constructed houses.
  • State / UT or cities may also contribute financially for such individual house construction. Central assistance will be released to the bank accounts of beneficiaries identified in projects through States / UTs as per recommendations of State / UT.
  • Though the funds from Central Government to State Governments would be released in lump-sum including assistance for this component, State Government should release financial assistance to the beneficiaries in 3-4 installments depending on progress of construction of the house. Beneficiary may start the construction using his own funds or any other fund and GoI assistance will be released in proportion to the construction by individual beneficiary. The last installment of Rs. 30,000/- of GoI assistance should be released only after completion of the house.
  • The progress of such individual houses should be tracked through geo-tagged photographs so that each house can be monitored effectively. States will be required to develop a system for tracking progress of such houses through geo-tagged photographs. Flow chart showing steps in beneficiary-led construction or enhancement component of the mission is as under: