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Trenching Permission Management System

The Trenching Permission Management System is a web based application that enables utilities such as telephone, power, drainage or gas to request for trenching permission. The current process is completely manual, and therefore time and effort consuming, and also prone to human error.

The application shall have the following features:

  • Enable utilities to request for official trenching permission and submit the forms and supporting documents mandated by the PMC in an electronic format
  • Enable Road engineers to inspect the application, and create inspection reports electronically
  • Enable the Road department officials to issue Demand Notes and Work Orders for trenching to utility agencies, as well as completion certificates on the completion of the trenching work
  • Enable utility agencies to make payment for the trenching fees as per the Demand Note to the Head Clerk in the accounts department
  • Enable the Head of Department to view the history of all trenching requests and activity plotted on a map