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Vasantrao Eknath Bagul Udyan

Vasantrao Eknath Bagul Udyan

Nala - Stream Park

Vasantrao Eknath Bagul Udyan - or the Nala Park as it is fondly known among Sahakar Nagar residents is a place where you not only get refreshed but also return informed and entertained. Sprawling over seven acres, the park houses an art gallery, has a musical fountain, a park for children, jogging track and a well-spread out lawn where one can sit and enjoy the greenery. Its foundation was laid in 1995, and since then the area has been developed into a tranquil paradise for citizens.

Attractions of the park
Musical Fountain - The musical fountain, which was recently inaugurated, is another attraction for visitors. The fountain has 1,000 nozzles, which creates a 20-feet-high water screen. The water forms different patterns, making it appear as if it is dancing to music.

Laser Show - A three-dimensional laser show is presented on the water screen in an open auditorium with a seating capacity of 600. Every day, there are two shows of 20 minutes each in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday, three shows are presented in the evening.

Other Features - Life-size figures giraffe, leopard, elephant, deer, tortoise and crocodile, made of fibreglass make for another attractive feature at the garden. The artificial waterfall with a mini-bridge running across is a good place to feel the coolness of the flowing water. One can even sit on the artificially carved stones near the waterfall and hear the melody of the flowing water.

Outside the park
The garden is maintained by PMC's Garden Department. There are no food stalls outside this garden. Outdoor games and pet animals are not allowed inside the garden.

Entry fee
Adult: Rs 20
Child: Rs 10

Morning: 6 am to 10 am every day
Evening: 4 pm to 8:30 pm every day

Location: Sahakarnagar

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